Electric Hair Braider | MABSTONE™

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Be creative

Stop wasting time using many tools to achieve questionable results. The Electric Hair Braider | MABSTONE™, you'll get professional results in less than 10 minutes.

Perfect for travel and use on the go, use it in the comfort of your home or in the airplane bathroom .
No more shoulder and neck pain. Forget about the injuries you could cause yourself by twisting, just fix your hair, and slide the button up and down.



The Electric Hair Braider | MABSTONE™ is the new fast, fun and easy way to style your hair at the touch of a button. You'll instantly create beautiful, double-twist braids, which is definitely a fun and trendy trend in hair styling!
Now you can create multiple fun and stylish twisted braids in seconds with just one tool. Plus, it comes with 2 accessories.
An ideal gift for back-to-school and/or a birthday!
You will be able to create hairstyles effortlessly and with a professional result.

Customer Usage 


The Electric Hair Braider | MABSTONE™ creates multiple twisted, fun and elegant braids in seconds. Best of all, it requires only this one tool and is easy enough to use with a little practice. Mastered the tool in less than 10 minutes and created fun and easy to make two-strand braids.

Using the Electric Hair Braider | MABSTONE™ is as simple as 1,2,3

1: Set the ends of the hair in the hairdresser and pull hard.

2: Slide the button up to activate the twist to easily twist both strands to the top.

3: Rotate the appliance counterclockwise to make your 2 twists cross each other and form a braid.


Simply attach two strands of hair in each of the clips, slide the switch up to rotate the hair and slide the switch down to rotate them together.



Happy Customer

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